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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #18
Story: Rob Davis & Lloyd Goldfine
Cover: Stjepan Sejic
Art: Pop Mhan
Colors: Mark Roberts

"The finale of “The Blood of Greyskull” is here! Darkness has taken over Eternia. He-Man is dead. Only one person can save the day – she is Adora. She is She-Ra!"

With one of the most gorgeous covers ever, especially with She-Ra front and center of the cover. Her new redesign is just amazing, especially the sword. The increase in armor is a surprise, especially with the way the way they increased He-Man's clothing and decreased Teela's. The interior art is just as incredible as the cover. This was the issue was waiting for, considering that she would have made her debut in the 2002 animated series had it not been canceled. I actually had high hopes that Adora would have made her animated debut in the series as I was a bigger fan of her than Adam's. Her introduction into the comic book was incredible and her transformation from one of Hordak's general's to She-Ra was an incredible journey.

This issue is the culmination of that journey. It picks up right where the last issue left off. He-Man had been killed in order to protect Adora from Hordak's men who thought she might have been a traitor. With He-Man left to bleed out Adora set off to find the one item that could bring him back to life, the second sword or Grayskull. Her fight is with the guardian of the sword, a dangerous monster called Saryn, that was hell bent on killing Adora for trying to take the sword from her. The fight is as dangerous as it looked, and was one sided for a while. It really showed how desperate Adora was to get that sword and save her brother. During the fight with the monster, Saryn tries everything to fill Adora with as much doubt as possible, but in the end Adora came up victorious. The page of She-Ra's transformation is just as incredible as the cover art. And when brother and sister are reunited, the power they unleash was enough to destroy Hordak's Fright Zone. That splash page of them together, shouting "I HAVE THE POWER!" together was just epic. The prologue in this issue gives you the heads up that something major is about to happen with war on the horizon.

As I said this was the issue that I have been waiting for since they cancelled the animated series. The upgraded look of She-Ra is well done, she looks like a Valkyrie Queen. Pop Mhan and Stjepan Sejic did an incredible job on the interiors and the cover. Seeing how it was the end of a story arc, it was a great ending to what will be a great lead up to the "Eternity War!"

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