Parallel Man Issue 1 review

Parallel Man

Published by Future Dude Entertainment
Writers: Jeffery Morris & Fredrick Haugen
Penciler/Inker: Christopher Jones
Colorist: Zac Atkinson

During World War 2 research was being done into all areas of science and the occult as a means to gain the advantage and put an end to the war. On our earth, the United States came up with the atomic bomb as a means to the end. But what if on another earth, a parallel earth, the United States found a way to traverse through alternate universes to end their war. Parallel Man is about one such earth in which the United States does just that. Parallel Man is a 7-issue comic book mini-series, mobile device video game, deck-builder game, and animated short film. The story follows Commander Nick Morgan, an intelligence agent from an evil version of America in an alternate universe. His government, known as The Ascendancy, has attacked and enslaved eleven other Earths and has its sights set on our world as their next target.

The story kicks things off with our current President, Obama, being kidnapped in midair by unknown assailants and taken to a parallel earth and being introduced to a man who says he's our new leader. The show of force the Ascendancy shows and just the bravado to kidnap our President in mid-flight shows just the tip of how powerful they are. As the president it returned back to our earth, we are introduced to Nick Morgan who is searching something that warrants the attention of his fellow commandos and turns him into a fugitive. The chase scene from our earth to a few of the other parallel earths in this books are just as imaginative as it could be. The chase itself is just edge of your seat gripping and it takes up about the majority of the first issue. The tenacity of the Ascendancy Commandos in trying to catch one guy and what they are willing to do to people who stand in their way already tells me that there may be a lot of bodies dropping at their feet before our hero can change things.

The details in the people, vehicles, and objects is fantastic. The ability to show fear, anger, and even that hint of smugness in a character helps add to the story. The colors in this are nicely done, they really add to the mood of each panel. When we are introduced to our hero, Nick Morgan, we find him near lake where everything is just at peace. As he's by the lake we get introduced to his A.I. Companion as well as the not so friendly members of the Ascendancy Commandos.
The technology presented in the first issue is the stuff that you would sort of expect like flying vehicles, & laser blasters. The blasters in question form a big bubble that takes a clean chunk/hole out of whatever it hits. Members of the Ascendancy forces have their own A.I. Companions, the ability to jump to other parallel earths on their own, Environ-suits that adapt to any environmental conditions, and hover boots.

I kinda wish this wasn't a mini-series, just because the amount of parallel worlds that are possible for the writers to create and Christopher Jones to draw are almost limitless and could add to an already great story so far. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next 6 issues and how everything comes to an end for good or for evil. Parallel Man is definitely worth the pick up when it releases in October. If you to the Parallel Man website you can check out an animated short Infinite Pursuit, the coming soon mobile game World Jumper, and more.