The Geek's Guide to Dating: Book Review

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The Geek's Guide to Dating
by: Eric Smith
Publisher: Quirk Books
Release Date: December 3rd, 2013

Eric Smith's The Geek's Guide to Dating isn't a typical or stereotypical dating book guide. This is the strategy guide to dating that geeks or non geeks alike can use. The book itself is as detailed as a World of Warcraft game, a symphony orchestral piece of music, or any sports playbook. 

Each chapter is goes into each phase of dating; starting with yourself, assessing your strengths and weaknesses,to the actual date itself. It even includes the break up that may/may not occur. Eric Smith does it in one of the smartest ways imaginable treating it like an old school game of D&D combined with the modern MMORPG. The use of modern geek terms, and quotes or events from movies, games, and comic books flows so well within the book that even non-geeks who may not get the significance of the references would still be able to follow and understand what he is saying in the guide. 

While it is a male targeted book, a lot of what is written in the can be and does apply to both genders. While he may refer to the person reading the book as “He”, the advice given is Universal. Advice such as choosing your wingman/woman. He gives you attributes that will help in choosing such a person that will work to your advantage and what will hurt you overall. Good Attributes: In a relationship, More outgoing, and Has your back at all times. Bad Attributes: Doesn't know that he/she is the wingman, Is a member of the opposite sex. 

One aspect of dating that I'm glad he talks about that a lot of people need to stop using as a negative term is “The Friendzone”. My own pet peeve with that is that there is nothing wrong with The Friendzone. Most people who are in relationships are the best of friends and some relationships started out as friendships. I strongly believe that if you can't be friends with the person you are pursuing, meaning that you couldn't see yourself just hanging with them having fun on a regular, then how is it you already see yourself in a relationship with this person. Eric goes into it saying that being friendzoned, puts you in a special place in this person's life as someone they trust. It's also a better starting point for you to get to know that person a lot better. 

Another aspect he covers is fashion and while he gives some great tips for what to wear on your first and second dates, he gives some great advice on emulating fashion based on iconic Scifi heroes. Heroes such as the 9th & 10th Doctors (Doctor Who), Han Solo (Star Wars), and even the original Captain James T Kirk. From the top down to the shoes, he gives great ideas on how to emulate those iconic costumes that won't make you stand out like a cosplayer at a dental convention. 

I found the book to be a fantastic guide for anyone starting to date, already in a relationship, or needs better advice after a bad break up. Or for that friend that just doesn't get it, and needs something to give them that epiphany of what they are doing wrong. A lot of this book is common sense, in the way that if are someone who has been striking out you'll quickly pick on why and if your current relationship is going well you'll see why as well and even pick up a few tips to keep it going that way. The 8 bit art woven in the pages of the guide are well done and it really adds to the overall theme of the book. It's a great and fun read. Worth picking up just for the geeky references alone. 

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