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MEGA Brands & Mattel present over $70,000 in donations to Autism Speaks Canada

Executive Director of Autism Speaks Canada, Jill Farber, (left) accepts a donation from Robert Goodwin, Executive Director of the Mattel Children's Foundation, and Bisma Ansari, Vice President of Marketing at MEGA Brands Inc., at the Montreal Walk Now for Autism Speaks Canada fundraising event on May 25, 2014

On May 27, 2014, Building on its longstanding support of Autism Awareness month, MEGA Brands, Inc., a member of the Mattel family of companies, donated a total of $72,000 to Autism Speaks Canada in Montreal. The donation, presented at the 2014 Walk Now for Autism Speaks event in Montreal, will help fund Autism treatment, education, research and advocacy throughout Canada. MEGA Brands was the Local Presenting Sponsor of Montreal's Walk Now for Autism Speaks event.

"We are proud to support such a worthwhile cause," said Bisma Ansari, vice president of marketing, MEGA Brands, Inc. "Autism impacts millions of children and their families throughout the world, and we are honored to help provide much-needed treatment, research and support for these individuals."

During the month of April, MEGA Brands pledged to donate one dollar for every Mega Bloks toy sold by Toys "R" Us Canada - both in stores and online - generating more than $20,000 in proceeds. To augment the donation, philanthropic donors contributed an additional $29,000 to the total pledge amount.MEGA Brands employees raised an additional $10,000 in donations, through bake sales and auctions, an amount that was matched by Mattel. Mattel is committed to its vision of Creating the Future of Play through great toys, as well as giving back two percent of pretax profit through philanthropic programs. Partnering with charitable organizations dedicated to directly serving children, Mattel creates joy through the Mattel Children's Foundation, product donations, grant making and the work of employee volunteers.

"We at Mattel are excited to support this initiative led by the MEGA Brands employees" said Robert Goodwin, executive director, Mattel Children's Foundation. "MEGA Brands and Mattel are like minded in our commitment to autism advocacy and research, and now that we are one company I know we can magnify our positive impact on the world."

Building with Mega Bloks helps children of all ages develop cognitive and motor skills, express creativity and boost confidence, especially valuable for children suffering from Autism Spectrum Disorder. As such, Mega Bloks invited local autistic organizations to tour its Montreal headquarters, North America's largest toy factory, every Friday in April to learn more about the therapeutic benefits of Mega Bloks toys.

Help support Autism Awareness by joining a Walk near you. For more information, please visit: http://events.autismspeaks.ca/.



The latest DC Comics ARTFX+ Statue from Kotobukiya returns to the pages of the New 52 with a popular and colorful character, the GREEN ARROW!  Introduced all the way back in 1941, billionaire Oliver Queen was marooned on a deserted island and there learned to survive by the way of the bow.  Taking those skills back to civilization after being rescued, “Ollie” would take on the identity of Green Arrow and fight crime in Star City and Seattle, though his adventures with the Justice League would take him all around the world and beyond.  In the New 52 Green Arrow continues to defend the innocent as he investigates the truth of his past and what shaped him as a hero.

The Emerald Archer appears for the first time in the ARTFX+ lineup, posed with a wide stance as he scans for enemies and prepares to draw an arrow.  Oliver wears his New 52 costume featuring a black and green outfit that leaves his arms mostly bare for shooting.  With reinforced boots, a padded chest piece, and armored gauntlets Green Arrow is ready for anything, and the gold accents shine on his buckles and arrow emblem belt buckle.  The archer holds his bright green bow sideways in front of him, ready for nocking an arrow from the full quiver on his back.  Wearing his trademark green hood and mask, the focused hero still shows off a bit of his blonde hair and scruffy beard.

Sculpted by Atelier Bamboo, Green Arrow stands over 7 ½ inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale) and makes for an excellent display piece standing on his included base which he connects to via the magnets in his feet.  Add the Emerald Archer to your DC Comics New 52 ARTFX+ collection! Available November 2014 at a price of $59.99

TM & © DC Comics (s14)


A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import!  The next new addition to the ARTFXJ lineup (a bold new expansion designed “to bring classic Japanese characters to their fans worldwide”) is possibly the most popular anime and manga property in the world right now, Attack on Titan!  

Created in 2009 by Hajime Isayama, Titan tells the story of humanity living behind walls to protect itself from huge humanoid creatures.  Headlining the new ARTFXJ lineup is the series’ main character EREN YEAGER!  After witnessing the death of his mother at the hands of a Titan, Eren would go on to join the elite Survey Corps to fight the giants using the group’s Three Dimensional Maneuver Gear... and that’s exactly how he’s captured in ARTFXJ form.  Yeager leaps forward in mid-attack, swinging off of the tree at his base and reaching back with his dual swords to strike a huge blow!  

The defender of humanity wears his iconic Survey Corps uniform complete with the complex 3D Maneuver Gear, and the sculpt captures all of the intricate details of the mechanisms along with the subtle flow and wrinkling of his clothing.  Fully engrossed in his attack on a brutal Titan, Eren lets loose a mighty battle cry with a fantastic screen accurate facial sculpt.  Sculpted by Shin Tanabe, Eren Yeager is just under 10 ½ inches tall (1/8 scale) in his leaping pose atop the detailed georama base.  Don’t miss out on what’s sure to be a highly sought after collectible, and watch out for more Attack on Titan ARTFXJ statues coming soon from Kotobukiya! Available November 2009 at $109.99

© 諫山創・講談社/「進撃の巨人」製作委員会   短縮形:©HK/AOT


The fans have demanded it, and now Kotobukiya returns triumphantly to the best-selling Halo® series with an all new MASTER CHIEF ARTFX Statue!  Stepping right out of Halo 4, the mega popular video game character wears his MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor and strides down a high tech ramp in a Forerunner facility. The Chief carries his trusty Battle Rifle and comes equipped with two sets of interchangeable arms that let you pose the hero with weapon at the ready or held over his shoulder with a frag grenade in the other hand!  The intricately sculpted armor captures every detail you know from the game with screen accurate two-tone green armor to his iconic gold hued visor.  There’s even limited articulation at the neck and waist so you can create your own poses!  Sculpted by M.I.C., Master Chief ARTFX stands nearly 12 inches tall and makes for a perfect centerpiece for your Halo collection. Available November 2014 at a price tag of $149.99.

© 2014 Microsoft Corporation.  All Rights Reserved.  Microsoft, Halo, and the Halo logo are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.


Kotobukiya brings a bold new direction to their popular series of Bishoujo Statues with the Freddy vs. Jason pair up, and following after Freddy is a new character interpretation by Shunya Yamashita of the slasher JASON VOORHEES!  

The Friday the 13th series began in 1980 with murders at Camp Crystal Lake, though it wasn't until the third sequel that Jason put on the famous mask and took matters into his own hands. Through successive sequels Voorhees would leave a trail of bodies from Crystal Lake to Manhattan, to hell and even to the future before coming into conflict with Freddy Krueger in Freddy vs. Jason.  

Yamashita and Kotobukiya’s version of the slasher takes its inspiration from Jason’s on screen look but mixes in a beautiful girl in the bishoujo style. Voorhees stands in a relaxed pose in her tattered pants, top, and jacket with the iconic machete in one hand and an axe held over her shoulder.  The scraps of her clothing reveal quite a bit of skin and her muscular physique, while her cute face is partly obscured by the nightmarish hockey mask strapped to the side of her head!  Sculpted by Takaboku Busujima (Busujimax), Jason stands over 8 ½ inches tall (1/7 scale) on a specially designed base.  She’s a totally unique addition for your collection, and the perfect companion to the Freddy Krueger Bishoujo Statue! Both figures will be available in November of 2014 with a price tag of $69.99 per statue. 

TM & © New Line Productions, Inc. (s14)

Michaels Passport To Imagination

Michaels has teamed with seven leading North American museums to create Passport to Imagination 2014, a low-cost, in-store summer program where kids ages 5-12 explore culture through crafting.
This year's theme is Museum Road Trip, and each week will feature a different museum, with projects inspired by the museum and its exhibits. The seven museums are the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the Georgia Aquarium, The Field Museum, The Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), the Denver Art Museum, the Pima Air & Space Museum and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
The in-store adventures take place June 16 through Aug. 2 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to noon. Each two-hour session is just $2 per child at all U.S. Michaels locations.
"Passport to Imagination gives children the opportunity to experience some of North America's finest museums and a wide range of different, world-class exhibits, all without ever leaving their hometowns," said Michaels CEO Chuck Rubin. "It's fun for the kids, affordable for the parents and a great way to keep kids' creative minds active during the long summer months."
These projects teach lessons on natural history, technology, marine life, textiles and art. Parents can purchase additional themed project kits each week to complete with their kids at home. During the week of June 16, the first 50 participants at each store will receive a free souvenir album. For more information on Passport to Imagination and other in-store crafting events and classes this summer, go to: www.Michaels.com/Passport.