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NSFW Interview with CosplaybabesXXX Owner Yuffie Yulan

Model & Cosplaybabesxxx Owner Yuffie Yulan
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Yuffie Yulan is a cosplayer/model/geek and an award winning adult film starlet. She is also the owner and model for the cosplay adult website cosplaybabes.xxx. Cosplaybabes.xxx launched in October of this year, which is fitting for the month of Halloween. Yuffie Yulan is no stranger to the world of adult entertainment or cosplay. Having been in the adult industry for over a year now with her own site yuffieyulan.com and cosplaying for about 8yrs. Yuffie's love for all things cosplay, comic books, anime, and sex really does show through her work and in this interview.  

  • How would you describe your site?

Every geek’s wet dream! We turn your fantasy into hardcore dick grabbing wank material!

  • What sets cosplaybabesxxx apart from other cosplay adult sites?

I believe that nothing sets us apart from other cosplay adult sites. As there are NO other cosplay adult sites like mine okay so you have 2 other American cosplay sites what i have joined both of. 1 of them does not even do full nude or videos with the girls and the other is only GG on tonnes of CGI. Lovely pictures crap videos and they don't even update!
With www.cosplaybabes.xxx we update our site with at least 2 pictures sets and videos every week! We shoot from solo, girls with their dildos all the way up to hardcore double penetration anal cosplay scenes! We shoot REAL cosplay porn NO fake crap!

  • How did you get started with cosplay?

I have always been into cosplay. I have always been a gamer and a anime addict so when I went to my first convention at 15yrs old, I found out about cosplay. I left, went home, and made an outfit to wear for that Sunday, I believe it was a Pikachu outfit. Pretty lame attempt but hey it was a overnight outfit!

  • Do you make or buy your cosplays?

I make most of the outfits you will see on cosplaybabes.xxx But then again i also buy a few of them! Thanks Amazon for having cosplay ha-ha!

  • How did the idea for the site come about?

The idea of the site came about as I have seen my fair share of Hentai, so I thought oh I need to wank to cosplay porn if it exists. Of course it did, But Japanese cosplay porn I must say didn’t do it for me. I watched this terrible cosplay porn video produced in Japan and I must say... Small tits, small dicks, blurred genitalia and the woman making a sound like I dying cat didn’t get me off! .... But even though my 1st cosplay porn experience made me un-horny it essentially gave birth to www.cosplaybabes.xxx

  • How long has the site been going?

We launched October 2013!!! So we are a brand NEW site!

  • Aside from yourself, who else is a Cosplay Babe?

I like to shoot new models and well known models, so we have such beauties as AVN award winner Samantha Bentley and TV reality star Brooklyn blue. We have our New CB girl Tina Kay who is a gorgeous Lithuanian model who has just came on the site with a BANG for our Christmas special! We have lots of girls and constantly shooting new models.

  • How does one become a model for your site? What do you look for in a model?

You must have a Love of being naked, having Orgasms and have a geeky side!

  • What is your favorite set(s) on the site?

Ohhh tough question... i think it would be either my anal fuck scene as this is my first and only anal scene so you can only see it on here and i got to cosplay as Blair from Soul Eater. Or I my other fav is our Christmas update with Xmas Harley Quinn! There’s one picture I took of her where his cock is rammed in her mouth and she is about to take it all in! I LOVE IT! That’s my fav pic I will send it to you!

Yuffie Yulan as: Blair from Soul Eater and X-Mas Harley Quinn

  • Your favorite characters in general?

My psycho from Borderlands set! I loved making the mask! I really want to do Mad Moxxi too!

  • How would you describe the environment on set of a photo/video shoot?

Terrible. We never get anything done, as a model and chatter box myself its usually a hour of gossiping and wine before we even attempt to start filming, But hey even if we do mess about and do silly stuff i have fun and they model has great fun and great orgasms ha-ha! So really what i mean is it is great fun!!!

Yuffie Yulan and Amy Latina behind the scenes

  • How did you get started in the adult industry? How long have you been in it? What do you love about it?

I got into the adult industry after a friend told me about webcamming. I gained confidence from that, then went for it as it’s always been so Taboo and I used to adore porn stars before! I have been in the industry for now 18 months and i just won my first award for best new starlet at the SHAFTAS. I love EVERYTHING about it. Oh apart from douching that a bit shit (HA!HA! drums please!)

Yuffie Yulan with her Shafta Award for best new starlet

  • What are some of your turn ons?

Someone who says Oh Yuffie I have just joined www.CosplayBabes.xxx *cough* oh that and being fucked hard and choked!

  • What are your fans like? 

Amazing. Honestly they are the best, I love having fans and hopefully they love me bombarding them on twitter with pictures of me naked and star wars quotes! ha-ha!

  • How receptive have they been to cosplaybabesxxx? 

Again amazing. Apart from the ones who haven’t joined then they suck! ha-ha jokes! (Kinda) But seriously they have been lovely and gave me brilliant feedback from the site :)

  • Do you attend conventions? If so which ones?

I’m from the Midlands so I mainly go to MCM in Telford and Birmingham. And any around my area! I go to Erotica with my cosplaybabes.xxx booth but in 2014 I am hoping to bring it to some 18+ cons! If there not prudish that is! Would adore to go to San Diego Comic Con one year!

Yuffie Yulan and Nicola Kiss at cosplaybabes.xxx booth at Erotica

  • What would be a dream shoot for you? (i.e. locations, cosplays, etc)

One I’m working on for the site! whoo! I wanna shoot a 5 girl Sailor moon Orgy where 4 other hot sailor scouts can fuck they hell out of me ... oh and the other girls (I’m greedy) This will definitely be happening for the site soon and will include lots of Big tits, Anal, Squirting, Fisting, Kissing and ORGASMS!

  • Any final words for your fans?

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Charlotte Fox and Yuffie Yulan as Matsumoto and Shiba from Bleach

Samantha Bentley as Leeloo from 5th Element

Yuffie Yulan and Jaye Rose enjoying comic books

Yuffie Yulan and Lizzy B as Darth Vader & Slave Leia

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