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Veterans Day: Cosplayers and Artists spotlight

On Veterans Day we honor those Men and Women who have fought and served for our country. As veteran they are known for their outstanding courage and devotion to the protection of our country. THey are known to us as warriors and defenders of the peace. Which is why I guess it is hard for some of us to see them as average human beings who love reading/drawing comic books, playing video games, and even cosplaying. On this Veterans Day myself and my best friend and veteran Nelson D. Martinez would like to not only honor his fellow veterans, but also spotlight fellow veterans in the cosplay community, photography, and comic book artists. We tried our best to find as many veterans who were cosplayers, photographers and artists in the comic book industry. When we think of someone who reads comics, or cosplays, or is an artist, we don't imagine that person as someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their country, we see them as real life superheroes themselves. But every superhero has an origin story, and here we present to you the origins of the few and the proud heroes of our military who have cosplayed superheroes, taken photos of them, and even drew them.

KaiJudo: Shattered Alliances Review

Wizards of the Coast has announced the new Kaijudo™ – Shattered Alliances set available at retail stores. The set is a game-changing expansion, adding 90 brand new cards and introducing five new civilization combinations. Clash of the Duel Masters introduced the first multi-civilization cards, but now Shattered Alliances follows up with the remaining five civilization combinations, enemies that are unlikely allies in a huge war that’s gripped the entire Creature Realm. These new combinations make building multi-civilization decks even easier for players and open up new strategies for Kaijudo.

Death Liger Justicar

Shattered Alliances adds 90 brand new cards to Kaijudo, giving players dynamic options for deck building that redefine the meta game. The set introduces powerful new mechanics and two new Super Rare foil Monarch cards: Haven of the Light Civilization and Queen Kalima of the Darkness Civilization. It also features a very exclusive new creature card Death Liger Justicar, which is featured in the Competitive Deck release, Solar Eclipse!

Haven of the Light vs Queen Kalima

KaiJudo is a great card game as in intro into battle card games. It's an easier game to play than most card games, giving players a quick understanding of mana, using spells, and summoning. The art is phenomenal, on the same level as Magic. The rules of the game are what can be a bit confusing at times. Like when a player is forced to discard a creature, it doesn't specify if it's from the hand or from the battlefield. It does some getting used to, but after a few practice rounds, you can easily defeat your opponent in a few turns. Luckily for me I had a few friends of mine come by and do a few practice rounds before we actually were able to play the game without doubting ourselves. It helps if you have experience playing other games like this, but as I said you can catch on with this very easily with practice. Plus the rules are available in the packaging and on their website

Negative Pop & Master Gio playing a practice rounds before getting a handle on things

The new deck host more fearsome creatures that are hybrid creatures. Creatures that are of both Light/Darkness, Water/Fire, Light/Fire, Water/Nature, and Darkness/Nature. So now when building mana you not as obligated to build mana for just one specific type of creature. These hybrids also grant their users the ability to attack as soon as they are summoned. In my opinion that really helps improve the pace of the game more and puts both players in a position to really plan out a strategy that allows for attacks and counter attacks in a single turn. A creature card like Death Liger the Justicar has; a Double Break ability, a Soul Rend which gives the target enemy -3000 power until the end of his opponents turn, and a Triumphant Roar which puts their opponent's creature card into a tapped state after banishing an opponent's creature. With a card that powerful in play it can either back you into a corner, or it can bring out a great strategy to defeat it.

To find out where you can buy Kaijudo – Shattered Alliances, and for information on other Kaijudo products and in-store play programs, visit us at www.Kaijudo.com. You can also get the latest news and updates on Facebook.com/Kaijudodojo, Twitter (@Wizards_Kaijudo) or Google+. Also, be sure to check out Season 2 of the Kaijudo Television Series at 6:30pm EST on the Hub Network