NYCC Interview: Super Villain Leia Down

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At this year's NY Comic Con I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Adult star and cosplayer Leia Down. Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, Leia has been cosplaying since 2010. She launched her site that same year and has been sharing her naughty cosplay adventures with everyone. She launched her site that same year and has been sharing her naughty cosplay adventures with everyone. 

In 2013 she signed with The Rub PR management team and since then the sky has been the limit for her. Enjoying amazing success, Leia relaunched a new and improved site and also added Cosplay foot fetish site. She is also a real touch model; an interactive virtual XXX-experience that allows users the same kind of interaction with a person but through a device that is hooked up to the user and the computer with the model having a remote device on their end to control the action. At NY Comic Con Leia had aligned herself with the Cosplay Trading Card Company, signing her limited edition trading card. This is the first set of Character Cards to be rolled out by the company, which offers limited-edition cards for every individual and entity to purchase.

Being the comic book geek and super villain narcissist that she is, Leia has started her own Adult comic book detailing her naughty mis-adventures. The first digital issue is set to launch Halloween of this year. The first adventure starts off with Leia taking on a rich, powerful and dirty mogul which is the catalyst for the bigger plot and introduces to fans her future arch nemesis. Pre-orders for her comic have been so phenomenal that she had to put a cut-off date (Sept. 15) in order to keep up with the demand. Posters related to the comic book are also available to purchase through her online store. In conjunction with the comic book Leia will be filming related xxx scenes that will be released one to two weeks before the comic book is released.

Like a true comic book character, Leia origin is something Stan Lee would have come up with. "After moving to Las Vegas with her family, Leia began taking flying lessons. She obtained her license at the young age of 17. One day while flying over the Mojave Desert, a strange light emanating from the ground caused her plane to crash. For 4 long years Leia had been missing. But when she returned, she returned with powers and abilities not of a normal human being". 

Below is an extended interview I did with Leia Down:

BAS: How would you describe your childhood?
Leia: I was a huge tomboy. I loved playing with Hot Wheels and Nintendo. Since I was overweight in middle school and high school, I was teased a lot, which gave me tough skin. 

BAS: Were you always into stuff like comic books and video games?
Leia: Growing up, I mostly played the original Nintendo (I’m the “Duck Hunt” champion). When I met my good friend Aiden, he got me back into video games, especially “Red Dead Redemption”. As far as comic books go, I've been a fan of the big ones, like X-Men and Batman, but I don't read them religiously. 

BAS: Who were your favorite heroes/villains growing up? And now?
Leia: When I was younger, my favorite villain was The Joker, since I loved watching Jack Nicholson play him in the first Batman movie. Of course, Batman was my favorite hero as well. Now, my favorite hero is my boyfriend, Deadpool! My favorite villain would have to be Mystique, even though she is sort of copying me.

BAS: Are you a Marvel or DC fan-girl?
Leia: This is a tough one. I love Marvel because of Deadpool, Mystique and X-Men, but I love a lot of the DC characters too, like Poison Ivy, Joker, and Batman, so I'm going to say I like them both the same.

BAS: How did you get into cosplay? 
Leia: Well, I used to dress up a lot when I was a kid, but after my plane crash, when I was blessed with my powers, my ability to morph made "cosplay" very much apart of my life.

BAS: What do you like about cosplay?
Leia: For me, my ability has made it so that I can disguise myself as whomever I want. I can go anywhere, be anyone, and do anything. I'm living the dream!

BAS: Were you always a web girl or did you have a start in adult films as well?
Leia: I started camming in 2010, but was recording my adventures way before that, so I decided to create a site to feature them.

BAS: What made you think of creating
Leia: Well, I started recording my adventures, and decided instead of just keeping them for myself to watch, why not share them with the rest of the world?

BAS: Do you think cosplaying or costumes in general are the better fantasy in adult films?
Leia: I think cosplay is a fantasy for everyone, in general. No matter what someone says, they get bored with the same old person. Being able to manipulate your image spices things up, and that's why so many couples are closet role players. 

BAS: What are your fantasies?
Leia: The “normal” ones are getting gang banged, and being watched by a peeping tom.

BAS: What are your favorite characters that you've done so far on Masked
Leia: I've loved my transformations into Mystique the most.

BAS:Any new or original characters coming soon? Do you take suggestions?
Leia: That’s for me to know, and the world to find out! As for suggestions, I’m always open to them.

BAS: What do you think of the surge of comic book films? Which have been your favorite?
Leia: I think that it’s great and actually, that’s what is making Hollywood money right now. My favorite is “The Avengers”, because it was really well done. I like the first “Iron Man” and “The Dark Knight” too.

BAS: Are there any future plans that your fans can expect from you and your site?
Leia: Yes! I'm going to be launching my new comic book, which is going to have more detailed accounts of some of my adventures and battles. You can visit my site, to order the first issue. You can also find me on: Facebook & Twitter

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