Remember Me Review

In the game "Remember Me" you play as memory hunter Nilin, the best that ever was that is until your own memory gets wiped out and are imprisoned. You start the game dazed and confused in a cell just moments after you've been memory wiped, you still remember your name but that's all at the moment. In the middle of being transferred to another cell a mysterious voice from your past manages to reach out to you and break you out of your predicament, only to end up in an even worst predicament. You get your first taste of the games combat mechanics begin when you are face to face with a small group of leapers, once human but the memory wiping has caused them to become less than human. Sort of bringing to life the old saying; "Memories are who we are, and without them we are nothing". But these nothings are dangerous and will feast on your bones.

The actual environment of Remember Me is stunning and gorgeous. It makes you wish that you it was more of a free roaming game like Assassins creed where you could explore more of Neo Paris, and interact with the NPC's to get a better sense of this brave new world. But sadly this game is as straight as an arrow, with side quests available. You will spend a lot of the game climbing and ledge jumping. Only interactions are in game cut scenes with major characters/bosses. There are hidden items throughout Neo Paris that help with earning XP, more combos, and unlocking extras such concept art.

The fight mechanics of the game are try to emulate the Arkham series free-flow combat but lacking the polish of that fighting system. It plays like any other platformer, where you have combos, can parry, and dodge attacks. But no real counters. It's not a game to pick up if you're just looking to bust some skulls. The game does have a very unique combo system. Using square and triangle as your light and heavy, you can create combos that can replenish your health at the same time weakening your foe, or create a combo to earn more xp, or even refill your special. Each combo is already predetermined on which button combination you use, but as I said you can add in your specials at any point in the combo. The music during the fights get really loud and exciting as you do well in your combos, but when you mess up it really slows down in pace and lowers it's volume.

What makes the game special is the memory remix that you get to perform, but that's only on certain characters and few and far between. As you saw in the trailer you're given the objective to change a specific memory for a character in order to change how they feel or act. This change in memory will benefit you in some way depending on the character. The big question with that is what happens when that person is confronted with the real memory in some shape or form or will it matter. Upgrades come as you progress in the game, major upgrades come after a big boss fight.

The story overall is amazing, and the visuals that are lent to it really are amazing. But with such a straight course you have to follow, and the amount of ledge climbing and jumping just to get from point A to B can be very tedious. The puzzles of the game and the memory remix are definitely challenging, but you wish that the amount of environmental puzzles was less and the memory remixes were more frequent. I really believe if the budget had been there to expand this game to open world and allow the player to freely remix memories especially since the character is on the run, it would make for more interesting ways of being undetected, creating allies, and of course learning more of the history of the city and yourself by being able to access peoples memories. I would say rent this game and see how you like it.