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    Interview with Harriet Sugar Cookie NSFW.

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NSFW Interview with CosplaybabesXXX Owner Yuffie Yulan

Model & Cosplaybabesxxx Owner Yuffie Yulan
Sexy Costumes

Yuffie Yulan is a cosplayer/model/geek and an award winning adult film starlet. She is also the owner and model for the cosplay adult website cosplaybabes.xxx. Cosplaybabes.xxx launched in October of this year, which is fitting for the month of Halloween. Yuffie Yulan is no stranger to the world of adult entertainment or cosplay. Having been in the adult industry for over a year now with her own site yuffieyulan.com and cosplaying for about 8yrs. Yuffie's love for all things cosplay, comic books, anime, and sex really does show through her work and in this interview.  

  • How would you describe your site?

Every geek’s wet dream! We turn your fantasy into hardcore dick grabbing wank material!

  • What sets cosplaybabesxxx apart from other cosplay adult sites?

I believe that nothing sets us apart from other cosplay adult sites. As there are NO other cosplay adult sites like mine okay so you have 2 other American cosplay sites what i have joined both of. 1 of them does not even do full nude or videos with the girls and the other is only GG on tonnes of CGI. Lovely pictures crap videos and they don't even update!
With www.cosplaybabes.xxx we update our site with at least 2 pictures sets and videos every week! We shoot from solo, girls with their dildos all the way up to hardcore double penetration anal cosplay scenes! We shoot REAL cosplay porn NO fake crap!

  • How did you get started with cosplay?

I have always been into cosplay. I have always been a gamer and a anime addict so when I went to my first convention at 15yrs old, I found out about cosplay. I left, went home, and made an outfit to wear for that Sunday, I believe it was a Pikachu outfit. Pretty lame attempt but hey it was a overnight outfit!

  • Do you make or buy your cosplays?

I make most of the outfits you will see on cosplaybabes.xxx But then again i also buy a few of them! Thanks Amazon for having cosplay ha-ha!

  • How did the idea for the site come about?

The idea of the site came about as I have seen my fair share of Hentai, so I thought oh I need to wank to cosplay porn if it exists. Of course it did, But Japanese cosplay porn I must say didn’t do it for me. I watched this terrible cosplay porn video produced in Japan and I must say... Small tits, small dicks, blurred genitalia and the woman making a sound like I dying cat didn’t get me off! .... But even though my 1st cosplay porn experience made me un-horny it essentially gave birth to www.cosplaybabes.xxx

  • How long has the site been going?

We launched October 2013!!! So we are a brand NEW site!

  • Aside from yourself, who else is a Cosplay Babe?

I like to shoot new models and well known models, so we have such beauties as AVN award winner Samantha Bentley and TV reality star Brooklyn blue. We have our New CB girl Tina Kay who is a gorgeous Lithuanian model who has just came on the site with a BANG for our Christmas special! We have lots of girls and constantly shooting new models.

  • How does one become a model for your site? What do you look for in a model?

You must have a Love of being naked, having Orgasms and have a geeky side!

  • What is your favorite set(s) on the site?

Ohhh tough question... i think it would be either my anal fuck scene as this is my first and only anal scene so you can only see it on here and i got to cosplay as Blair from Soul Eater. Or I my other fav is our Christmas update with Xmas Harley Quinn! There’s one picture I took of her where his cock is rammed in her mouth and she is about to take it all in! I LOVE IT! That’s my fav pic I will send it to you!

Yuffie Yulan as: Blair from Soul Eater and X-Mas Harley Quinn

  • Your favorite characters in general?

My psycho from Borderlands set! I loved making the mask! I really want to do Mad Moxxi too!

  • How would you describe the environment on set of a photo/video shoot?

Terrible. We never get anything done, as a model and chatter box myself its usually a hour of gossiping and wine before we even attempt to start filming, But hey even if we do mess about and do silly stuff i have fun and they model has great fun and great orgasms ha-ha! So really what i mean is it is great fun!!!

Yuffie Yulan and Amy Latina behind the scenes

  • How did you get started in the adult industry? How long have you been in it? What do you love about it?

I got into the adult industry after a friend told me about webcamming. I gained confidence from that, then went for it as it’s always been so Taboo and I used to adore porn stars before! I have been in the industry for now 18 months and i just won my first award for best new starlet at the SHAFTAS. I love EVERYTHING about it. Oh apart from douching that a bit shit (HA!HA! drums please!)

Yuffie Yulan with her Shafta Award for best new starlet

  • What are some of your turn ons?

Someone who says Oh Yuffie I have just joined www.CosplayBabes.xxx *cough* oh that and being fucked hard and choked!

  • What are your fans like? 

Amazing. Honestly they are the best, I love having fans and hopefully they love me bombarding them on twitter with pictures of me naked and star wars quotes! ha-ha!

  • How receptive have they been to cosplaybabesxxx? 

Again amazing. Apart from the ones who haven’t joined then they suck! ha-ha jokes! (Kinda) But seriously they have been lovely and gave me brilliant feedback from the site :)

  • Do you attend conventions? If so which ones?

I’m from the Midlands so I mainly go to MCM in Telford and Birmingham. And any around my area! I go to Erotica with my cosplaybabes.xxx booth but in 2014 I am hoping to bring it to some 18+ cons! If there not prudish that is! Would adore to go to San Diego Comic Con one year!

Yuffie Yulan and Nicola Kiss at cosplaybabes.xxx booth at Erotica

  • What would be a dream shoot for you? (i.e. locations, cosplays, etc)

One I’m working on for the site! whoo! I wanna shoot a 5 girl Sailor moon Orgy where 4 other hot sailor scouts can fuck they hell out of me ... oh and the other girls (I’m greedy) This will definitely be happening for the site soon and will include lots of Big tits, Anal, Squirting, Fisting, Kissing and ORGASMS!

  • Any final words for your fans?

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

Charlotte Fox and Yuffie Yulan as Matsumoto and Shiba from Bleach

Samantha Bentley as Leeloo from 5th Element

Yuffie Yulan and Jaye Rose enjoying comic books

Yuffie Yulan and Lizzy B as Darth Vader & Slave Leia

Looking for a Sexy Costume?

Veterans Day: Cosplayers and Artists spotlight

On Veterans Day we honor those Men and Women who have fought and served for our country. As veteran they are known for their outstanding courage and devotion to the protection of our country. THey are known to us as warriors and defenders of the peace. Which is why I guess it is hard for some of us to see them as average human beings who love reading/drawing comic books, playing video games, and even cosplaying. On this Veterans Day myself and my best friend and veteran Nelson D. Martinez would like to not only honor his fellow veterans, but also spotlight fellow veterans in the cosplay community, photography, and comic book artists. We tried our best to find as many veterans who were cosplayers, photographers and artists in the comic book industry. When we think of someone who reads comics, or cosplays, or is an artist, we don't imagine that person as someone who is willing to sacrifice themselves for the greater good of their country, we see them as real life superheroes themselves. But every superhero has an origin story, and here we present to you the origins of the few and the proud heroes of our military who have cosplayed superheroes, taken photos of them, and even drew them.

KaiJudo: Shattered Alliances Review

Wizards of the Coast has announced the new Kaijudo™ – Shattered Alliances set available at retail stores. The set is a game-changing expansion, adding 90 brand new cards and introducing five new civilization combinations. Clash of the Duel Masters introduced the first multi-civilization cards, but now Shattered Alliances follows up with the remaining five civilization combinations, enemies that are unlikely allies in a huge war that’s gripped the entire Creature Realm. These new combinations make building multi-civilization decks even easier for players and open up new strategies for Kaijudo.

Death Liger Justicar

Shattered Alliances adds 90 brand new cards to Kaijudo, giving players dynamic options for deck building that redefine the meta game. The set introduces powerful new mechanics and two new Super Rare foil Monarch cards: Haven of the Light Civilization and Queen Kalima of the Darkness Civilization. It also features a very exclusive new creature card Death Liger Justicar, which is featured in the Competitive Deck release, Solar Eclipse!

Haven of the Light vs Queen Kalima

KaiJudo is a great card game as in intro into battle card games. It's an easier game to play than most card games, giving players a quick understanding of mana, using spells, and summoning. The art is phenomenal, on the same level as Magic. The rules of the game are what can be a bit confusing at times. Like when a player is forced to discard a creature, it doesn't specify if it's from the hand or from the battlefield. It does some getting used to, but after a few practice rounds, you can easily defeat your opponent in a few turns. Luckily for me I had a few friends of mine come by and do a few practice rounds before we actually were able to play the game without doubting ourselves. It helps if you have experience playing other games like this, but as I said you can catch on with this very easily with practice. Plus the rules are available in the packaging and on their website

Negative Pop & Master Gio playing a practice rounds before getting a handle on things

The new deck host more fearsome creatures that are hybrid creatures. Creatures that are of both Light/Darkness, Water/Fire, Light/Fire, Water/Nature, and Darkness/Nature. So now when building mana you not as obligated to build mana for just one specific type of creature. These hybrids also grant their users the ability to attack as soon as they are summoned. In my opinion that really helps improve the pace of the game more and puts both players in a position to really plan out a strategy that allows for attacks and counter attacks in a single turn. A creature card like Death Liger the Justicar has; a Double Break ability, a Soul Rend which gives the target enemy -3000 power until the end of his opponents turn, and a Triumphant Roar which puts their opponent's creature card into a tapped state after banishing an opponent's creature. With a card that powerful in play it can either back you into a corner, or it can bring out a great strategy to defeat it.

To find out where you can buy Kaijudo – Shattered Alliances, and for information on other Kaijudo products and in-store play programs, visit us at www.Kaijudo.com. You can also get the latest news and updates on Facebook.com/Kaijudodojo, Twitter (@Wizards_Kaijudo) or Google+. Also, be sure to check out Season 2 of the Kaijudo Television Series at 6:30pm EST on the Hub Network

NYCC Interview: Super Villain Leia Down

At this year's NY Comic Con I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Adult star and cosplayer Leia Down. Hailing from Las Vegas, NV, Leia has been cosplaying since 2010. She launched her site that same year and has been sharing her naughty cosplay adventures with everyone. She launched her site that same year and has been sharing her naughty cosplay adventures with everyone. 

Baltimore Comic Con 2013

SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now!

This year was my first year attending the Baltimore Comic Con and it was better than I expected it to be. Baltimore Comic Con takes place at the Baltimore Convention Center, the same convention center as Otakon. From what a lot of convention goers were telling, the con has grown a lot from what it started out as. While the con was only 2 days, Saturday & Sunday event, starting next year they will be becoming a 3 day event. Save the date: September 5-7, 2014. The one interesting fact I heard from the hotel staff is that cons like this actually help drive in more business to that area than anything else. Considering that area is a huge tourist spot, I can see how that makes sense.

Interview with Candy Keane

Krochet Kids intl. Children's Collection

Everyone has a passion that they love doing and of course the dream would be to be able to do that passion as a profession or just be able to solely do that for the rest of their lives. Depending on what you love to do it takes a lot of work and dedication to turn it into something more than a hobby. In 2005 Candy Keane found a way of turning her passion for costuming into a career. 


Entertainment Earth

Marvel Comics' next great property to get: The Incredible Hulk Kotobukiya’s ARTFX+ statue. Specifically the characters from The Avengers as they appear in Marvel Now.

Remember Me Review

In the game "Remember Me" you play as memory hunter Nilin, the best that ever was that is until your own memory gets wiped out and are imprisoned. You start the game dazed and confused in a cell just moments after you've been memory wiped, you still remember your name but that's all at the moment. In the middle of being transferred to another cell a mysterious voice from your past manages to reach out to you and break you out of your predicament, only to end up in an even worst predicament. You get your first taste of the games combat mechanics begin when you are face to face with a small group of leapers, once human but the memory wiping has caused them to become less than human. Sort of bringing to life the old saying; "Memories are who we are, and without them we are nothing". But these nothings are dangerous and will feast on your bones.

The actual environment of Remember Me is stunning and gorgeous. It makes you wish that you it was more of a free roaming game like Assassins creed where you could explore more of Neo Paris, and interact with the NPC's to get a better sense of this brave new world. But sadly this game is as straight as an arrow, with side quests available. You will spend a lot of the game climbing and ledge jumping. Only interactions are in game cut scenes with major characters/bosses. There are hidden items throughout Neo Paris that help with earning XP, more combos, and unlocking extras such concept art.

The fight mechanics of the game are try to emulate the Arkham series free-flow combat but lacking the polish of that fighting system. It plays like any other platformer, where you have combos, can parry, and dodge attacks. But no real counters. It's not a game to pick up if you're just looking to bust some skulls. The game does have a very unique combo system. Using square and triangle as your light and heavy, you can create combos that can replenish your health at the same time weakening your foe, or create a combo to earn more xp, or even refill your special. Each combo is already predetermined on which button combination you use, but as I said you can add in your specials at any point in the combo. The music during the fights get really loud and exciting as you do well in your combos, but when you mess up it really slows down in pace and lowers it's volume.

What makes the game special is the memory remix that you get to perform, but that's only on certain characters and few and far between. As you saw in the trailer you're given the objective to change a specific memory for a character in order to change how they feel or act. This change in memory will benefit you in some way depending on the character. The big question with that is what happens when that person is confronted with the real memory in some shape or form or will it matter. Upgrades come as you progress in the game, major upgrades come after a big boss fight.

The story overall is amazing, and the visuals that are lent to it really are amazing. But with such a straight course you have to follow, and the amount of ledge climbing and jumping just to get from point A to B can be very tedious. The puzzles of the game and the memory remix are definitely challenging, but you wish that the amount of environmental puzzles was less and the memory remixes were more frequent. I really believe if the budget had been there to expand this game to open world and allow the player to freely remix memories especially since the character is on the run, it would make for more interesting ways of being undetected, creating allies, and of course learning more of the history of the city and yourself by being able to access peoples memories. I would say rent this game and see how you like it.



Kotobukiya has created several fantastic ARTFX Statues based on the DC Comics characters. This new addition to the DC ArtFX line is Slade Wilson. A former member of the United States Army, chosen for advanced training due to his peak physical condition and strength of will.  He was also experimented on by the very same government he fought for, and with the enhancements they gave him became a the greatest mercenary and assassin.  As one of the most dangerous men in the world he goes by the name of DEATHSTROKE!  Appearing in his own comic as part of DC’s New 52, with an updated costume but the same hardcore attitude and superhuman weapons mastery.

Sculpted by Junosuke Abe, Deathstroke is captured in a fierce martial arts stance.  The Terminator wears his unique New 52 style armor with a sleek bodysuit, built in boots, a sturdy utility belt, textured mail-like armored torso, and heavy shoulder harness.  His pose is a partial lunge while he holds his sword in a two-handed guard position, as ever aimed at his enemies so he can cut them to pieces!  All of the elements of Deathstroke’s armor are expertly sculpted from his spiked boots to his fearsome skull-like helmet and everything in between, while the detailed paint applications show off his traditional blue and orange color scheme.  As an added bonus, Slade’s removable faceplate is attached via magnet so you can display him in his fully armored look or unmasked to reveal his scowling countenance and eye-patch!

Deathstroke stands nearly 12 inches tall (in the ARTFX 1/6th scale) on a special display base.  Slade Wilson is the perfect villain/antihero to add to your collection, and he looks great displayed alongside previous DC ARTFX Statues. Slade will be available in November 2013 at an estimated price tag of $119.

TM & © DC Comics.  (s13)

Mezco Batman Mez-Itz Toyz Reveal 2013

On Tuesday June 25th, 2013 at Ripley's Believe or Not!, in the heart of Times Square, hosted the Mezco Batman Mez-Itz Toyz reveal. This toy reveal, coming off the heels of last years successful "The Dark Knight Rises", brought a lot of nostalgia back to older fans and gave newer fans of Batman something new to play with.

The event started with the Classic 1960s Batmobile driving into Ripley's odditorium. Driving that classic beauty was in was Professional Batman re-enactor Bob DeSimone wearing the Adam West 1960s Batman costume and looking just as good as Adam West himself. The Batmobile, courtesy of John Sbrigato of Brighton Collision Auto Body Shop, was like it just came straight off the movie lot. It shot flames out the back and it just looked amazing. I would not be surprised if the Bat-phone was also in working condition.

body painter & FX artist Jessica Mellow w/ employee

While this was a press event, Mezco also invited fan to come and enjoy the festivities. Like a Hollywood premiere fans and press swarmed the Batmobile, snapping photos non-stop. Once Batman walked into Ripley's everyone wanted their chance to take a photo with him. Fan old and new enjoyed seeing this classic being brought into modern time.

The toy reveal showcased the Classic Batmobile in its Mez-Itz form which included classic Batman and Robin. Another Batmobile on display was the more modern comic book Batmobile that also came with it's own Batman as well. To top it all off Mezco did a huge toy give away for press and attendees that included mini Batman Mez-Itz, Dark Knight Rises Mez-Itz, Superman and Darkseid Mez-Itz, as well as a raffle for a huge Batman Mez-Itz. As press the best part was being able to end my day with free admission to Ripley's Believe or Not! museum and it was cooler than I had expected, plus having AC made it so much better to beat the heat.

The Batman and other DC Universe Mez-Itz are available to order over at Mezco.

Photos by Mikan
Added Info: John Charles 

ConnectiCon 2013

Photo by Mikan

ConnectiCon is by far my favorite summer con. The bus ride from NY is a 3hr ride, 2hrs if it's an express bus. The Star shuttle bus run from 7am-3am on Friday and Saturday and  7am-7pm on Sunday. It's picks you up right from Union Station, and drops you off right inside the hotel parking structure. If you booked your hotel at the connecting hotel, The Marriott Hartford Downtown, things slowed down when trying to check in. The hotel was totally booked out again this year, but even if your room isn't ready you can just have your bags checked in nearby at the valet parking desk and be on your way. However, if you were pre-registered or buying onsite, the lines this year were insanely long.