Wizard World Philadelphia 2012

In terms of size Wizard World Philly outdid themselves this year. We’re talking more guests, twice as much room compared to last year, a lot more cosplayers, and more days! This year’s Wizard World Philly was now a 4 day event. So from Thursday May 31st – Sunday June 3rd you had a very full weekend. While I was only able to attend Saturday, there were a few highlights I wish I could have gone to that would have made an overnight stay really worth it, a definite improvement over last years.

A con on a Thursday is like a Sunday, not as packed, very relaxed, and one of the best days to do your shopping before the craziness starts, and to actually walk around the con and see what’s around. But on this Thursday night, for everyone over 21, it was time to celebrate as W.W. Philly hosted a Super Hero Pub crawl. Basically you a bunch of attendees, cosplayers, artists, and maybe a few surprise guest going bar to bar having a grand ole time.

In true Wizard World fashion there were celebrities galore. Stars old and new from various genres of TV, movies, comic books, and pro wrestling so no matter what you’re a fan of they had someone you would have loved to have met. Of course for certain celebrities like Stan Lee, Chris Hemsworth, or WWE’s C.M. Punk you needed to have bought your VIP ticket in advance to an autograph and/or photo of or with the celebrity. For the Sci-Fi geeks the biggest celebrity appearance would have to be the gathering of every Star Trek Captain. We’re talking Captain James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, Kathryn Janeway, and Jonathan Archer. Another great reunion that is also worth mentioning was the cult classic Evil Dead cast reunion, including the always hilarious and charming Bruce Campbell. It may not have been a full cast reunion but if you’re a fan of Doctor Who and have watched the spin off Torchwood then you’d be happy to know that 2 cast members from the show, Kai Owen & Gareth David Lloyd, came from across the pond to grace us with their presence. With the amount of star power Wizard World was toting, you would think that it was going to be a crazy packed house. The area Wizard World Philly took over this time around compensated for that. While lines for the above mentioned celebs were crazy packed, the anticipation for them was even crazier. While walking around I happened upon C.M. Punk’s autograph area and you could just feel the tension mounting as all his fans were waiting for him to come out. And in true WWE style once that theme music hit the line went nuts and out came “The Best in the World” to just a deafening ovation. While I would have loved to have met C.M. Punk I was just as happy as meeting the ever so friendly former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout Gail Kim as well as the always sexy Indy wrestler April Hunter. Both were very approachable and just great to talk to. April Hunter cosplayed as Red Sonja and made it look amazing. The only thing that I’m sure she did not plan on was becoming an internet meme. Apparently on Thursday while posing with a photo with a little kid no older than a year or 2, the kid actually reach out and touched her boobs. So her meme reads “COURAGE”.

If you’re thinking of course the lines for celebrities were going to be crazy, then you obviously didn’t wait in line to pick up your ticket on Saturday. I was lucky enough to get in as press but even that was still kind of a journey to pick up my credentials. It was basically wait in line to get on another line to get to where you needed to go. As I said before as press that wasn’t as bad was what my friend had to go through. His journey was more get on this line, to get to that line, to get on another line, and after one more line he could pick up his badge. While the con had just opened, people still had to wait on line to get into the actual con. So there was a lot of waiting. I’m was glad that as press I was able to walk in and not have to wait anymore than I wanted to. Because once people started getting in you really couldn’t stroll down the aisles like you were walking in a park on a Sunday afternoon. 

But getting to see a lot of the booths before the chaos ensued was still great. Booths like Stylin Online’s wall of t-shirts felt like it expanded into a maze of t-shirts. And while it’s always great to see Stylin Online, it was even better to finally see SuperHeroStuff.com make an appearance at a con. Their booth looked great, and their selection of t-shirts was definitely as diverse and different from Stylin Online’s selection. So you definitely weren’t going to see the same thing twice. In conjunction with Superherostuff.com was one of the best photographers from across the pond, Adam Jay of SuperHero Photography. Adam Jay creates these movie like images filled with drama, action, and a story. Not only is he one of the best photographers, but he’s a darn good cosplayer donning a Dr. Doom cosplay that would have anyone bowing down in fear of Doom! Also in full effect at this W.W. Philly was Together Brother Productions. Hosting cosplay contests, panels showing off their latest fan film, and hosting large group photo shoots with a special appearance by Stan Lee himself.
Adam Jay Dr. Doom along side Nox Cosplay as Deadpool

As I said before this year was a great improvement over the last. I look forward to attending again next year and will definitely try to plan ahead and stay the entire weekend