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New York Comic Con 2011

October 16, 2011 marked, for the first time, the first of four days for the New York Comic Con. For those that are not regular attendees of NYCC, NY Comic Con has always been a 3 day weekend event. Now included was a Thursday preview night, where you would just get early access to a majority of the convention. You had to buy a 4 day pass to attend this night, but the benefit of it was the smaller crowd size, seeing some of the booths that were already set up such as the Avenger’s booth which was quite a site. It was basically the calm before the storm, and as Friday and Saturday rolled through it was indeed a storm. Adding the extra day will always bring up the biggest issue which will always be space and for everyone that attended, especially on Saturday, it was insane. Preview night was a spa day compared to the other 3 days. Once the announcement was made that a 4th day was added, the media blitz was just as insane as the crowd as we got closer to the date. Coverage of fans standing on line on Thursday morning, while things were being set up was just all over the place. For me having that preview night was good because I wouldn’t have to worry about checking out certain booths on the days that were going to be overly crowded. Unless it was a game demo, like Mass Effect 3 or Final Fantasy 13-2, I was able to go around the con take the photos and conduct the interviews I wanted or needed without too much interference or crowd noise.