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NY Games Conference 2011

On September 22, 2011 the annual NY Games Conference was held at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Battery Park. The actual events were held in the auditorium and the dinning hall on the second floor. This wasn't a conference on the latest in video games such as Playstation, Xbox, or nintendo. This was more geared towards the social community of gaming like facebook games, and companies like zynga, as well as the online gaming on cell phones. This year one of the main focuses were on discovery; making these games like farmville easier to find for people. Social gaming isn't a small knit community. There are tons or games out there just waiting to be played and discovered. So of course one issue is how do you get your game or give your game the attention is may well deserve. Other topics covered were would these games eventually replace handheld devices like the psp or the nintendo ds. One of my favorite topics that I'm glad they covered was the cross branding of these games with tv shows, products, or movies. Having them work for your brand, keeping people interested in your brand, and promoting the brand. The companies that made appearance were both those that you would normally hear about like Zynga, Arkadium, Badgeville, and Gamify. The big names in gaming like Ubisoft, EA, and Sony were there as well marketing themselves, as well as joining in the panel discussions.

Fashion's Night Out: Sephora

On September 8, 2011 fashion week had already hit NY like a snowstorm with models hitting the runways and events going on non stop. This night was called Fashion's Night Out. On this day in particular, the make-up conglomerate Sephora held one of its biggest events in fashion. Every store in NYC on September 8th special guest in fashion, entertainment, beauty and beauty workshops. Sephora was basically a fashion convention that day. On the bright side you had a lot of stores to choose from meet and greet guests and check out events, but of course like any convention you had to wait in long lines. So of course if you didn't to one store early enough you were going to be waiting outside for a while. The Times Square locations were convenient because the distance between them weren't that bad, but again going to one store for one event could have led you to missing out on another event at one of their other stores. The best thing about Sephora's Fashions Night Out event was that for any lady that didn't have the time to fully look their best, nail and hair stations were available throughout the night at practically every store. So every woman in NYC was covered for a night out on the town.