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ConnectiCon Feature: I am a Nerd

The White Rabbit Katelynn Yvon
It takes a lot of skill, passion, and even a little courage to be a cosplayer. It takes those same attributes to also perform in the cosplay masquerade at any Anime or Comic Book convention. At the 2011 ConnectiCon, cosplayer Katelynn Yvon took those attributes to a higher level. At the ConnectiCon Cosplay Masquerade, cosplaying at the White Rabbit, Katelynn took the stage and performed her poem “I am a Nerd”. A poem about and for those who have ever felt like an outcast because of their love and passion for anything and everything geeky. She spoke passionately and proudly about being nerd, reference everything from Star Wars to old school Nintendo. How being normal isn’t being real, its hiding who you truly are. The same passion that we as nerds put into animes, comic books, and cosplays is the same passion we put into life and this young lady reminded everyone of that. Her words so powerful, that not a dry eye was left in the house, and ending with a standing ovation by everyone in attendance.