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Orlando MEGACon 2011

On March 25th 2011, I had the pleasure of attending MegaCon in Orlando, FL at the Orange County Convention center. The Orange County Convention Center is located technically a block away from International Drive. I say technically because there is a hotel complex that separates the convention from I-Drive. I was lucky enough to get a hotel that was about a 5 min walk to the convention. You would think that would make things easier, but http://www.perezstart.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=12505&action=editconsidering this was my first time at MegaCon, I didn't realize how huge the Orange County Convention really is. The OCCC takes up about 4 or 5 city blocks, has a north, south, east, and west wing. Basically I could fit both the San Diego and NY comic cons and still have plenty of room for Anime. Not really knowing that I ended up on the south wing of the convention and then had to make my way to the west wing. Besides it being a long walk from South to West, Florida is already having summer weather that was just killer. Once I got to the West Wing I still had a few more feet to travel before arriving at the "Welcome to MegaCon" banner.

Spring Festival Brooklyn 2011

On Saturday March 12, 2011 NYU's Polytechnic Anime Society held its Annual Spring Fest. A stones throw away from Fulton shopping center in Brooklyn, NY, the Annual festival celebrated Anime, Cosplaying, music/karaoke, and of course gaming. It was a free event, but in order to attend you must have registered online, and bring a print out of your registration. Surprisingly for a free event there was a limit as to how many people were able to attend and the week before the event all tickets were sold out. The Polytechnic Anime Society has been holding this event for the past 5yrs, this year they included a dealers area where artists and vendors could both sell merch.

It was an event that was made for families and had the basics of much larger Anime events. Filled with contests like the Ramune Drinking Contest and Anime Jeopardy. Panels such as "Subs vs. Dubs", Wig styling, and Otaku 101. Film screenings of Macross Frontier movie 1, Maid Cafe serving delicious treats, and gaming rooms filled with new and old school systems, and a Starcraft 2 LAN party tournament with a $3 buy in.Karaoke was of course performed by the guest hosts.

Castle Point Anime Convention 2011

On April 10, 2011 I attended the 3rd Annual Castle Point Anime Convention(CPAC). Started and run by the Stevens' Anime Club and student volunteers, It has been a yearly event since it started Spring 2008. Located in Hoboken, NJ the Stevens Institute of Technology plays host to this student run convention. Not too far from NY by car and is easily accessible by the PATH train, the NJ Transit, ferry and bus. Castle Point Anime Convention aims to promote all things anime, manga, and Japanese culture. And for a student run anime convention its run really well with the feel of a real convention but on a smaller scale. Very organized and for a big campus they really managed to keep everything within walking distance. From special guests like Uncle Yo, to Cosplay Masqurades, panels, and even a cosplay repair station CPAC has the makings of being the next big stop on the Anime convention circuit. The program guide even included a list of places to eat that were within walking distance of the Stevens Institute. Listing restaurants by name and giving a very comprehensive map of their general location. So finding someplace cheap to eat was not a problem.

MOCCA Fest 2011

MoCCA, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, held its annual fundraiser MoCCA Fest at the Lexington Ave Armory in NY on April 9th, 2011. Whether its animation, anime, cartoons, comic books & comic strips, political illustrations, editorial cartoons, caricatures, graphic novels, sports related cartoons, or computer-generated art, MoCCA strives to preserve, study, and educate everyone on cartoon art. Promoting the understanding and appreciation of this medium as well as its cultural and historical impact has always been MoCCA's main mission. This year was the big 10th Anniversary for MoCCA, and to celebrate they invited over 10,000 guests to be a part of the celebration.

Just like the museum, MoCCA Fest is all about the artist and the art as opposed to the commercialism of bigger cons. MoCCA is mainly considered an indie con and the starting point for all cons in NY. This being my first MoCCA, it was amazing to see the amount of talent under one roof. It was the place to see up and coming artist as well as industry vets. While the same can be said about every artist alley at a comic con, you won’t find as much originality anywhere esle. Artist who aren’t published have a better environment to introduce to the public some amazing original ideas that would be overshadowed at regular comic book conventions. While some comic book stores do carry some indie titles, you can’t any more indie than MoCCA.

Interview with cosplayer Kitsune Dolly

Kitsune Dolly

On Thursday February 17, 2011, FIT held the Tokyo Fashion Festa at Katie Murphy Amphitheatre. A small fashion show with extraordinary cosplayers. One of whom I had to pleasure of meeting and working with, cosplayer Kitsune Dolly. Kistune who has been cosplaying for 5yrs now, began here start into cosplay world after attending her NYCC a few years back. She instantly fell in love with it after first seeing cosplayers in magazines and then in person at the con. Being a model and a cosplayer, Kitsune Dolly understands the hard work and effort needed to be put into a runway performance and the accuracy of a cosplay. Below is my interview with her.


What does cosplay mean to you?

Cosplay really means a lot to me. It's a way to express yourself and be able to be who you want to be.

What got you started cosplaying?

I've been into costuming my whole life so I instantly fell in love with it after seeing cosplayers in anime magazines. I started creating costumes after my first con (NYCC a few years ago) and never looked back since.

Cosplay for a Cause: GSTQ Fashions Interview

Cosplay for a Cause gathered over 15+ talented cosplayers from various parts of the world and created a calendar that when sold, 100% of all profits will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross to help out with the tragedy over in Japan. What makes the calendar so great is that the photos taken are exclusively for the calendar and each month will also come with a small illustration done by 1 of 4 pro comic book artists involved in the project. I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the many cosplayers involved, Catherine L. Jones of God Save the Queen Fashions. Born in FL but living in Georgia, this southern cosplayer got involved in cosplaying when she attended her first Anime convention. Even before that her boyfriend had been checking out the website and saw that a special guest cosplayer, Limebarb, was making a living off of making costumes. At Anime Weekend Atlanta, back in 2007, she was just blown away by the fact that people were dressed up as their favorite anime characters. She took that as opportunity to take her 2 favorite things, sewing and anime, and combine them into her new passion.