Exxxotica NJ 2010

On November 6, 2010 I had the pleasure, of attending Exxxotica in NJ at the New Jersey Expo Center. Exxxotica is the largest adult expo in the North East. We’re not talking sex ed classes or “girls gone wild”, we’re talking the industry’s hottest and sensuous adult film stars in and out of the country. It was a three day event, but since it was in Jersey, I could only attend one day. This was my first time attending and I must say that it was one hell of a good time. I was greeted by the girls of Sassy Assy Jeans as they passed by in their mini train and caboose. Jada Cheng and the girls of Sassy Assy Jeans: Danica Jordan, May Son, Jo Paik, Issii, Darling Darla, Lily Figuera, Sexi lexi, Charmaine Glock, Lily Lollipop, and Layla Lu, also had a booth at Exxxotica , signing autographs and selling some very sexy bikinis, lingerie, & of course shoes. Exxxotica was just getting underway, so not everyone was there, but the sexy go-go dancers were kind enough to greet us with smiles and some great dance moves. I was lucky enough to win 2 VIP tickets courtesy of Sextoys.com’s blog, so I was able to hook my friend Pat up, and save my money for food and merch.

Jada Cheng
Sassy Assy Jeans Girls

Cage Dancer VIP

As you walk around the Expo, it’s not like how expect it to be. There wasn’t that much nudity, but some of the ladies were kind enough to flash their fans with pasties on. Some booths played some scenes of the star in question, or just random films. You could actually bring your girlfriend to this, and surprisingly a lot of guys did. Depending on the starlet you could get friendly with them, and just have a normal conversation with them. It was a convention that you could bring your girlfriend to. There were many couples young and old, as well as many single females in attendance which was both a surprise and refreshing. Considering how people feel about porn, especially women, it was nice to see that this was something enjoyable by both men and women.

Being a VIP had some good perks. Free tote bag, t-shirt, and dvd samplers. We were also given access to a special VIP lounge with free drinks, mainly sodas, very comfortable couches, and some fine ass cage dancers. So in between those long walks of the Expo, the VIP lounge was the best spot to be. After checking out the lounge, we separated and began to hit up as many of our favorite adult film stars. As I walked around I started noticing that there were a whole lot of custom cars and bikes on the outer rim of the convention. As part of the Exxxotica show itself, the Xotic Auto Show was also in full effect. Amazing designs and beautiful art work surrounded the vehicles, as well as lovely ladies. Some were mainly for display, promoting a company and others like the bikes were ready for sale. So if you didn’t have a ride home you could have actually bought one right on the spot.

First up for me was the very cute, girl next door Brandy Taylor. She is one of the most innocent looking ladies that you will ever meet, but her performance on screen is anything but innocent. Since it was still early in the show, I was able to strike up a nice conversation with her, and found her to be very warm and friendly. My next stop was the Sassy Assy Jeans booth, where I met up with Jada Cheng and her lovely friends. I first met Jada at the NYCC in 2008, when she was promoting an indie comic book. Of course as soon as I got there, there was a large crowd of people taking photos. In the midst of the photo frenzy I managed to get in a conversation with her and of course take a few photos of her and her friends.Charmaine Glock was also part of the Xotic Bike and Auto Show.

Elvie of My naughty Lingerie
Aside from the bikes, they were also selling framed art work, toys of course, lingerie and plenty of lube. Shops like My Naughty Lingerie Store.com sold their signature line of sexy lingerie and various other products at Exxxotica. What started out as an in home business quickly blossomed on the internet and through fashion shows. The owner/model, Elvie, modeled one of her own outfits, which only made her products all that more enticing. The best thing about My Naughty Lingerie Store: “Unlike a lot of web stores I work 24/7 on my site. I always try to make sure I am on top of new items so that I get them on the site right away for you! I also stay on top of the out of stock items, so that you will always get what you want when you want it”.

My main goal was to meet the Burning Angels, specifically Misti Dawn, who is no longer with BA. I had been friends with Misit on facebook and she is what she says she is, a huge gamer and comic book geek. This year in attendance was Joanna Angel, Misti Dawn, Bella Vendetta, Draven, and Klieo. Jessie Lee had been in the car accident the day before, so seeing them still willing to sign autographs and talk the fans is just telling of how strong they are. Joanna and Bella had arrived first. The rest were on their way, they had been battling a bad virus that weekend. Joanna and Bella were just the friendliest and most amazing people to talk to. Once Misti and Draven came the Burning Angels Booth was a buzz with fans. All the girls looked amazing, and again talking with them is like talking with a good friend.

Misti Dawn
Joanna Angel

Afterwords I made my way to see the lovely and busty Tay Stevens. Tay is a big sports fan herself, and just the warmest person. With every photo you took with her, she was kind enough to flash her wonderful boobs for you. Isis Taylor and Phoenix Marie appeared together signing autographs and selling dvds. Phoenix Marie became a fan favorite the moment the cameras started flashing, she of course started flashing what she could of course. Not too far from them was the always sweet Stoya. She was as beautiful as she was sweet. Very easily blush-able with every compliment, she is just the most fantastic person you can meet. After hanging with her for a bit it was like walking on sunshine. Next up was Kiara Mia and the Peruvian Princess Alexis Amore promoting their first on screen scene together and Alexis’ first anal scene. They are both very exotic and sexy both on and off the screen. On the left side of Exxxotica Karen Kougar and Kimora Klein were doing their signing. By the time my friends and I made it to their booth, almost everything was sold out. Karen Kougar I must say is just incredibly sexy.  Her outfit did less to hide her gorgeous bosoms, and did more to accentuate her sexy curves. Kimora is just a fan gal to be around. The majority of her merch was down to a few dvds, one of which she decided to stick between her butt checks among other places on herself. She was a ball to be around, and just as friendly as Karen.

In between all the walking around we did manage to eat of course. The convention had a nice little cafeteria. The food was decent and decently priced. While you ate in the cafĂ© you could run into a lot of the stars as well. I managed to run into Lupe Fuentes who is a very short woman almost have you thinking who let the teenager in. Jesse jane(http://www.jessejane.com) and a few of friends also  ate there as well. As the day drew on more adult stars made their appearances: Lisa Ann who was like a ninja in the sense if you really wanted an autograph you had to stay close to her signing table or you could miss your opportunity real fast. The ever lovely and intelligent Nina Hartley, Briee Olsen, Adrenalynn, Teegan Presley, Tabitha Stevens and the ever popular Courtney Cumms.

As you walked around the Adult Expo you notice a lot of stripper poles around the convention, on certain booths like Sapphire NY, had about 3 and were giving out golf balls, t-shirts, and Frisbees. Mattresses for the ladies and fans to pose for photos, a dildo seesaw, and of course the big swing set as you walk into the convention.  A few big things of note out of all the beautiful women, cars, and adult films is one massively huge pink mechanical cock. You’d have to be blind this miss this. Just like a mechanical bull, it’s always more fun and sexy to watch the ladies ride it. The next big thing in the Expo was the monster truck that had more speakers than a night club, and came with its own stripper pole and dancers. Next big thing at Exxxotica was the Stage, host to a few demos, prize giveaways, rappers & dancers, and audience participation game shows. One audience participation game show involved Misti Dawn and Klieo and one other model stripping down to their underwear, with pasties on of course, for every challenge the 2 contestants on stage passed. The challenges in question I guess you could call them endurance challenges. Challenges like holding mouse traps on their chest and stomach areas, who can last longer while being suffocated with a plastic bag over their heads, being whipped, and lastly wearing a shock collar while the host shocks you for a period of time. In the end the winner received some free DVDs and a lap dance by all 3 ladies.

As the night wound down 2 amazing ladies who had been there in the afternoon stayed as long as they could signing autographs and taking photos with the fans. Those ladies were Flower Tucci and Sunny Lane. As crazy as the lines were they were both willing to sign for as many people before they closed the doors of Exxxotica. Exxxotica was fun and a great time to be had any both men and women. Even though it’s an expo about and for adult films and their stars, there wasn’t anything that made you think that this was something perverted about it. It was just as fun as going to a comic con, but more like going to a nightclub with brighter lights and no alcohol, and hotter women.

For more photos feel free to check out my Exxxotica flickr:  http://www.flickr.com/photos/basknight/sets/72157626037071266/with/5441001806/

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