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Tokyo Fashion Fest at F.I.T.

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Lisa, Cathy, Youko, Lee Miller, Hi Toshi Fj, Angel Braizer, Nicole, Tara

On Thursday February 17, 2011 during fashion week, The Fashion Institute of Technology hosted the Tokyo Fashion Festa. That same night, for some odd reason, NY was blessed with some great 60 degree weather during a month of winter storms and freezing temps. It was a small showcase filled with lectures, make up demos, and of course cosplayers and designers. 

To start things off lecture of the history and origins of cosplay. It covered its beginnings as a sub culture in asia and its meteoric rise  in the states as pop culture. When cosplaying its more than just dressing up as your favorite character, its the ability to bring that character to life. Its a passion and a way of life for most. Through cosplay it allows one to gain an understanding of another culture. You go from an obsession with a certain character, to an obsession about the culture. Whether its cosplay or comic books, or even video games, it acts as a bridge between cultures to gain a better understanding. 

Immediately after the lecture the Cosplay showcase began. There were thirteen models all together, all who are students at FIT. The first 10 models' cosplays were inspired from anime, to gothic lolita, and punk gothic. Showing that not all cosplay is strictly anime related. It does range into the actual culture and sub culture. Each model cosplayed one outfit for the show, basically showing their best and their best is what we got. 

Exxxotica NJ 2010

On November 6, 2010 I had the pleasure, of attending Exxxotica in NJ at the New Jersey Expo Center. Exxxotica is the largest adult expo in the North East. We’re not talking sex ed classes or “girls gone wild”, we’re talking the industry’s hottest and sensuous adult film stars in and out of the country. It was a three day event, but since it was in Jersey, I could only attend one day. This was my first time attending and I must say that it was one hell of a good time. I was greeted by the girls of Sassy Assy Jeans as they passed by in their mini train and caboose. Jada Cheng and the girls of Sassy Assy Jeans: Danica Jordan, May Son, Jo Paik, Issii, Darling Darla, Lily Figuera, Sexi lexi, Charmaine Glock, Lily Lollipop, and Layla Lu, also had a booth at Exxxotica , signing autographs and selling some very sexy bikinis, lingerie, & of course shoes. Exxxotica was just getting underway, so not everyone was there, but the sexy go-go dancers were kind enough to greet us with smiles and some great dance moves. I was lucky enough to win 2 VIP tickets courtesy of Sextoys.com’s blog, so I was able to hook my friend Pat up, and save my money for food and merch.