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NY Comic Con/Anime Festival 2010

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On October 8 - 10, 2010 I attended the highly anticipated NY Comic Con/Anime Festival at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. In my opinion this event did not disappoint. Presented by Reed Pop, The NY Comic Con/Anime Festival literally took over the entire Jacob Javits Center. Which was great showcase wise, but that also meant bigger attendance, which meant not going anywhere fast, especially if you are a cosplayer. As big as it was there were still some unbalance between Anime and Comic Books. It could be in part of the construction going on in various parts of the Javits Center, but in certain areas of the con the Anime aisles got smaller compared to the aisles related to comic books which I found very weird. When looking for more anime related items, that was on the other side of the Javits center in the basement. On that side was the Anime artist alley, the Cafe Maids, and any screening and panels that were anime related. So you literally had a jammed packed anime area. Hopefully when the construction is done, next year will have a better balance between anime and comic books. 

13th Annual NYC Tatto Convention 2010

On May 15 The 13ths Annual NYC Tattoo Convention took place at the Roseland Ball Room in Manhattan. Along with my boy Matt, we rolled up and down the aisles of the convention and just some of the best art work that can be put on a human body. Tattoo artist from NY, the midwest, west coast, and as far as Japan and Sweden came to town showcasing art work (body art and prints). And if you were lucky enough to get an advanced appointment, you could have work done on site. Some artist were taking appoints on site as well. Two floors available to the show, 1st floor: artist and stage area for contest, 2nd floor: merch and accessories, more artist. From the second floor you get one of the best views of the whole convention floor. One of the highlights of the convention was the great bar inside the convention, with the best prices you will find and the generous amount of their Jager shots. I'm talking almost half a cup of Jager along with a beer for only $11, which was great except I couldn't feel my face for like an hour. Luckily they were serving food at decent prices. On the main stage of the show they had a best in show tattoo contest. Categories ranging from best sleeve, best full body, best full back piece, and best chest piece. It was as crowded as any convention could be, so those of us that attend Comic cons should have no problem navigating through this one. For anyone interested in tattoos, or thinking about getting one, this is the best place to go, besides your local tattoo parlor.