Big Apple Con: New York Knicks City Dancers

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While the Big Apple Con cosplay contest came with some amazing cosplayers the night wasn't over just yet. After the Cosplay contest at the Wizard Big Apple Con, the NY Knicks City Dancers came out and surprised attendees and cosplayers with a surprise appearance. 

The Knicks City Dancers came out in full force with the main core of the city dancers and also came bearing gifts for everyone. Showing off their brand new comic book featuring the main core of ladies. Even though they were there to promote their new comic book they were also kind enough to take pictures with everyone attending and involved in the cosplay contest. 

Everyone in attendance received a free copy of the comic and as well as autographs from everyone featured in it. 

It was a great night of fun that ended with a great surprise. Moments like that are very much appreciated but never duplicated often. Big thank you to the Knicks City Dance team for giving everyone a great surprise and a wonderful way to end the knight.

Press Pass Collectibles