Wizard Big Apple Con: Cosplay Contest

Towards the end of the night Wizard held a Cosplay contest in the ball room of the regency Hotel. When you talk about swanky, we are talking high class all the way. The best part of the ball room was the bar of course, it was nicely priced. As we waited to for contest to begin, shoots were going all over the place as the cosplayers were coming in.

Our master of Ceremonies and judges Spat Oktan, Larry Thomas “The Soup Nazi, A member of NY Knicks City Dancers, and Zorikh Lequidre "The unemployed death star employee". The contest was simply: contestants were judged on how much work was put into their cosplay and showmanship.

It was a small group, with a lot of creativity consisting of mainly comic cosplays, and 2 anime cosplayers, and 3 movie characters.

First up was a Vampire Hunter D cosplay. All hand made from head to toe. Gotta love the colors that make up on this one.

Next up we had a Ghostbuster with a backpack that has his own ipod attachment. For those times when ghostbusting gets a little boring.


Kids were allowed to enter in this contest as well, and he represented the R.P.D pretty well. His opposition came from the Team representing the Umbrella Corp.

2 of the lesser known cosplays were: a character from the Dead Rising Video game and the unknown Mandalorian.

Brooklyn Optimus Prime made a nice appearance in the contest.

Some amazing flag twirling by Mary Marvel

The women of DC make a very strong appearance:

Mary Marvel, Catwoman, Black Canary, Batgirl, and Supergirl

Supergirl, Catwoman, Black Canary, and Batgirl

Black Canary doing her famous cry along with her hubby Green Arrow

Of course a fight was bound to break out between these 2

What convention or cosplay contest would be complete without Batman:

Classic Adam West

Batman Beyond


                                                 Appearances also include:

Evil Ernie

Anime Character


Hitgirl and Kickass

Static Shock

And the winner of this great event:
Vampire Hunter D

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