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Big Apple Con: New York Knicks City Dancers

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While the Big Apple Con cosplay contest came with some amazing cosplayers the night wasn't over just yet. After the Cosplay contest at the Wizard Big Apple Con, the NY Knicks City Dancers came out and surprised attendees and cosplayers with a surprise appearance. 

Wizard Big Apple Con: Cosplay Contest

Towards the end of the night Wizard held a Cosplay contest in the ball room of the regency Hotel. When you talk about swanky, we are talking high class all the way. The best part of the ball room was the bar of course, it was nicely priced. As we waited to for contest to begin, shoots were going all over the place as the cosplayers were coming in.

Wizard Big Apple Con

On October 1st - 3rd Wizard held its Annual Big Apple Con at the Penn Plaza Hotel. It was a nice weekend distraction, the weather was great. I felt last year the Pier 94 was bigger, but this year it was more condensed. The highlights were the celebrities in attendance both tv/film and artists. Celebrities included: The Brady Brothers, Adam West & Burt Ward, Torrie Wilson & Kevin Nash, Nicholas Brenan, Claudia Christian, etc. The vendors on hand did have a great stock of very old school action figures, as well as impressive DVD collections on sale.