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    Interview with Harriet Sugar Cookie NSFW.

  • Vans Captain Marvel Sneakers

    Vans sneakers teams up with Marvel Comics for bring these amazing Captain Marvel sneakers

  • Hayabusa Marvel Collaboration

    Marvel Teams up with Hayabusa fight gear to help you be the ulitamte SuperHero

Hand On Review: One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New year! Hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year and ended 2019 nicely. I was fortunate enough end my con season at Anime NYC. This year’s Anime NYC was definitely a step up from last year’s. It definitely got bigger in terms of size, audience, guests, panels, and booths. Anime NYC is growing in the best way possible and definitely has everyone looking forward to next year. During 2019’s Anime NYC I got an opportunity to tryout the upcoming One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 demo. If you are fan of the Dynasty Warriors series, Hyrule Warriors, or just a One Piece fan in general, then this is a game that should already be on your radar or you already put in your pre-order.

Takashi The Wanderer is Live on IndieGoGo

Get Avengers Comics, Graphic Novels & More at TFAW.com.

It was a hot steamy night in NYC, Victor had just finished coaching one of his fighters after a grueling 3 rounds in the Finals of the NY Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament. He stepped out of the ring, with his almost as exhausted lanky young whiplashed boxing apprentice. It was at that moment, with the lights blurring above my head and the noise of the crowd ringing in my ears that he realized that it’s time Victor, he said to himself, time to leave the world of boxing and go to where his heart and soul have always been - as a comic book illustrator. Thus began the journey of the creation of Takashi the Wanderer.

Review: Superhero socks

SuperHeroStuff - New Socks!
When it comes to the clothes we are our styles say a lot about us. But when you work at an office, you can't always express yourself they way you'd normally want to. Luckily in this day and age there are plenty of ways to be subtle and not so subtle about your fandoms. FairlyShe's Men's Crew socks feature the logo and patterns of your favorite Heroes from DC & Marvel Comics. 

Review: Universal Selfie LED Ring Light

The XJ-01 Selfie Ring Light is a great accessory for those looking to upgrade their selfie and foodie game. The ring light comes in 3 colors: black, white, & pink, is made from a hard plastic so it's somewhat durable, and requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. A great feature of this selfie light is that it has 3 dimmable settings so you can change how bright of a light you want. It is very lightweight so it can be carried in pockets and handbags without it feeling like a weight.

Review: Dininge Stainless Steel Tumbler

100% Kona Coffee
The Dininge Stainless Steel Tumbler is the latest product from Dininge. This Dininge insulated Tumbler features Long Lasting Freshness: The premium quality double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel coffee cup with its rubber lid will maintain the temperature of your beverage for a long time. It will seal the aroma and freshness of the drink inside the cup. 

Review: FREEWISE DIY Mini Repair Tool Kit

The FREEWISE DIY Mini Repair Tool Kit set is a real convenience for anyone who does home improvements around the house or even on the road.

NSFW Spotlight: Jenevieve Hexxx

Sexy Cheek Shorts
Jenevieve Hexxx is a virtual one-stop-shop when it comes to clips. Not the type to be pigeonholed, the eclectic nominee’s offerings cover a wide range of content, from girl/girl to horror porn, group sex to pegging, boy/girl and BDSM. Two of her latest clips have her working with Alura Jenson and Janey Doe. The former is a double dildo extreme vaginal penetration with lots of oral sex. In the latter, Janey is Jen’s submissive whom she puts in bondage with handcuffs and flogging.

DBZ Sailor Moon photoshoot

On June 2nd I had the pleasure of being photographer/videographer for a big Sailor Moon/Dragonball Z mash-up photoshoot in Central Park NYC. The shoot was organized by cosplayer Aurora Kelly cosplay (City Alien), a local cosplayer from the NYC area. She did not just organize a simple group shoot with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z cosplayers, she organized a shoot based on the art work of drawings from hell, that had both teams of character cross dress in their counterparts outfits. So you had a Sailor Moon dressed as Goku and vice versa, Krillin dressed as Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars dressed as Yamcha, and so on and so forth.